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Don’t settle for ordinary, become EXTRAordinary!

We are for you if…

  • You want to be trained by the experts. We are the masters at what we do and want to help you be the same
  • You want to break away from the herd and a life of settle for. We do not like average, we have a focussed, committed drive for success
  • You are willing to invest in yourself and back yourself. We thrive by being outside of our comfort zones, continually learning and moving forward.
  • You want to be a change-maker. We work exceptionally hard and challenge the norm. We are here to Make THE Difference in the world

Mark’s Story

Mark and Nicky were both born in Birmingham.

From an early age, Mark was obsessed with understanding the types of people who became successful, what made them successful, and how they were different from everyone else.

It would eventually lead to Mark realising his true passion:

Understanding how people think and helping them achieve their full potential!

After trying and hating an Accounting degree, Mark joined the Police and found a purpose, qualifying as a Trainer and then training new Police recruits.

He savoured the chance to not just shape the beliefs of the new officers and their futures, but also positively influences the lives of anyone the recruits encountered too!

Determined to help them as much as humanly possible, Mark looked for innovative new ways to unlock their potential.

That’s when Mark discovered NLP techniques.

For years, he also assisted 1000’s of people through mastering their mindset to achieve success at promotion panels. (Many of whom are high-ranking Police Officers still serving across the UK today!)

Nicky’s Story

Before meeting Mark, Nicky worked her way through a whole host of professions and passions.

She worked her way up in Civil Service from a Clerical Assistant all the way to a Senior Executive Officer.

After pausing her career to have her children, she accepted a role that involved working with a new caseload of people who really needed help to overcome self-limiting beliefs. These included confidence issues, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

She continued to move up the ladder “ticking off” promotions like Criminal Investigator, Business Analyst, and finally as Special Projects Manager at the grade of Senior Officer.

Although Nicky enjoyed her career, she became aware of how detached she’d become from the work she loved most:

Working with people and Making THE Difference to them and their lives!

In 2006 Mark met Nicky, and a new chapter unfolded…

Mark And Nicky’s Story

When Mark and Nicky met, they quickly realised they shared a passion for Making THE Difference and helping people fulfil their potential.

Early on, they decided that they wanted to take formal NLP training together and set up a business.

Never doing things by halves, within 9 months, they had qualified as NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and were out in Sydney Australia training as Trainers of NLP and Hypnosis.

That was back in 2009, since then they have:

  • Helped 1,000’s of people across the world achieve their true potential through their Coaching and Training.
  • Delivered training in the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK and hosted the first-ever NLP Master Practitioner Training in Jamaica
  • Qualified at the highest level of NLP as NLP Master Trainers
  • Qualified at the highest level of Hypnosis as Master Trainers of Hypnosis
  • Become the only couple in the world to have qualified to both of these levels together with the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the American Board of Hypnosis.
  • Become the professional coach’s choice of mentor and trainer
  • Clocked up over 10 years of specialist experience and over 30 years of experience in the field of learning and development

Who We’ve Worked With

Mission Statement

The Taylored Life Company’s Purpose is to assist people to achieve their true potential and be the best that they can be; to lead a meaningful and fulfilling purpose driven life. 

The Taylored Life Company’s Mission is to create the World’s leading self-empowerment community through Training and Coaching, using modern mindset techniques. We empower people to Make THE Difference in the world.

The Taylored Life Company’s Values are:

We exceed customer’s expectations by creating creative, innovative and world-class experiences for them.

We build productive lifelong relationships with our clients. Who become part of the TLC family.
We are fully inclusive and respect all backgrounds and points of view. We make the difference in the lives and results of all of our customers.

We have an accepted trusted advisor relationship with our customers which is built upon confidence and loyalty.

All customer transactions are built on a win – win basis.