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Who Should Attend NLP Mindset Mastery?

  • Do you feel stuck, or unsure of how to move forward in your life?
  • Do you believe you have untapped potential inside you?
  • Do you want to learn skills, techniques, and strategies to accelerate your personal development and get what you want out of life?
  • Do you feel like your life lacks purpose and meaning?
  • Are you fed up with just settling, and want more from life?

Then NLP Mindset Mastery is for you! 

What You’ll Learn At NLP Mindset Mastery:

During the day, you’ll be introduced to the powerful field of NLP+® and how you can use it to gain NLP Mindset Mastery and improve every single area of your life.

Amongst so much more, you will learn the basics of NLP and how to:

  • Put yourself on the path to constant personal and professional evolution
  • Overcome fears and alleviate conflicts by utilising the powerful and diverse skill set of neuro-linguistic programming
  • Apply practical NLP exercises in everyday life (under the support and guidance of experienced expert professional coaches)
  • Overcome the fear of failure and take the leap to achieve your goals
  • Align your beliefs, values, and attitudes to feel more balanced and peaceful

When You Secure Your Place Today You'll Get:

1. A FREE Training Manual

This will help you continue your NLP development and implementation post the event.

2. FREE Membership Access

Receive access to the guest membership area on Mark and Nicky’s Taylored Life Company website following the event, which contains useful resources to deepen your understanding.

3. FREE Hypnosis Course

Following the event, you will receive free access to the online hypnosis induction – Discovering the Confident You.

What People They’ve Already Helped From All Around The World Have To Say:

David Massey

“During this weekend I’ve learnt a lot about myself, particularly how to understand people more and how to communicate effectively”


“…It helps me to empower myself and have a full understanding of how I can programme myself in life to do the positive things and turn away from the negative things.”

Louise Gray

“I came on this [event] to give me the confidence and knowledge to know how to go about coaching others when I bring them into my team. But not only that, it’s opened up a whole new way of being able to talk to people!”

Who Can Benefit From NLP Mindset Mastery?

  • Working professionals become the best they can be and climb the career ladder
  • Business owners/CEOs/Entrepreneurs achieve bigger and better business success
  • People become better leaders in work, life, and their family
  • Coaches (and future coaches) serve their clients better
  • People who feel stuck get unstuck and stop life passing them by
  • People overcome anxiety, fear, depression and other negative emotions and inner conflicts that were holding them back
  • People write their own success stories from scratch

….it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or where you want to go. 

The “NLP Mindset Mastery” event is for YOU is you want to gain a greater understanding of yourself, so you can start to achieve your biggest goals and dreams.

So, where does Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) fit into this?

NLP is all about mastering the ability to take control of your conscious and unconscious patterns/responses to achieve the best outcomes.

As a result, it’s been described as the “user manual for the brain.” 

Once you are able to understand and apply the practice of NLP, you can achieve what Mark and Nicky call “Mindset Mastery.”

The power of becoming a master of your mind means you can replicate the 3 main things that make people successful:

1) Mastering your thoughts, focus, and emotions
2) Influencing, persuading, negotiating and selling at the highest level
3) Taking charge of all aspects of your life

Is There A Place For Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Your Life?

Life is full of challenges, setbacks, and difficult decisions that we simply aren’t equipped to handle (because no one ever taught us how!)

So, instead, we’re left to make uninformed choices on a whim, or worse merely rely on our instant, unfiltered, ill-reflective reactions to get us by.

This often means we never fulfill our potential or experience true success.

Having mentored, helped, and observed thousands of people across the world, Mark and Nicky Taylor were fascinated to discover that so many shared these same fears, frustrations, and obstacles in their lives.

As A Brand New Master Of Your Mind, You Will Automatically:

  • Become a more flexible thinker and communicator
  • Have a competitive edge in business
  • Improve your Relationships
  • Enhance your career/start a new career
  • Open up brand new doors
  • Feel more in control of your life
  • Become a better version of yourself
  • And so much more!

Unlike “traditional” self-help books and personal development programs, the brand new way of NLP thinking creates powerful, long-lasting change. 

It focuses on creating behavioural flexibility to get what you want, so you can always utilise it in whatever situation presents itself.

The #1 Reason To Choose The NLP Mindset Mastery Event To Learn About NLP…

If you’re going to learn about something, you might as well learn it from the best!

Mark and Nicky are the world’s leading NLP and Hypnosis Master Trainers making them the experts in what they teach.

People travel from all around the globe for their services!

This is a rare opportunity to get expert advice and access for free and walk away with a powerful new NLP knowledge.

The event will also give you insight into what Mark and Nicky call “Personal Evolution.”

Most companies just offer “Personal Development,” at their training courses and events…

After you attend, you initially feel great and full of positivity, but after a while, both of these things wear off. You end up developing in the same space without actually moving onto the next level.

Whereas, Mark and Nicky actively encourage you to evolve and know step by step how to live the life you want using the tools and techniques you learn on the day!

They help you get to the root cause of the things holding you back so they can disappear for good.

You’ll find out on the day Mark and Nicky don’t just teach NLP… They live it!

They are living proof that what they teach works, and it’s why they are so unwaveringly passionate about helping it do the same for others.

Their fun, friendly, and engaging training style is a testament to that!

Why Is NLP Mindset Mastery Free?

Mark and Nicky strongly believe NLP is the key to living a successful life and becoming the best version of yourself.

They want everyone to get a taste of the power of NLP to Master their Mindset in an expert, yet fun and friendly environment…

…and even try it out for themselves to see it “in action!”

Just because the event is free doesn’t mean you won’t walk away with anything valuable.

The event’s content stems from Mark and Nicky’s “NLP+® Practitioner Training,” which costs £400 per day to attend! 

(If you find yourself awakening an ambition to pursue further NLP training either to enhance your personal or professional lives or as a career – there will be options available to you!)  

Mark’s Story

Mark and Nicky were both born in Birmingham.

From an early age, Mark was obsessed with understanding the types of people who became successful, what made them successful, and how they were different from everyone else.

It would eventually lead to Mark realising his true passion:

Understanding how people think and helping them achieve their full potential!

After trying and hating an Accounting degree, Mark joined the Police and found a purpose, qualifying as a Trainer and then training new Police recruits.

He also worked with the UK Home Office to write the curriculum for all Police recruits to be trained by in England and Wales. He then project managed this training into West Midlands Police taking it from concept to delivery.

He savoured the chance to not just shape the beliefs of the new officers and their futures, but also positively influences the lives of anyone the recruits encountered too!

Determined to help them as much as humanly possible, Mark looked for innovative new ways to unlock their potential.

That’s when Mark discovered NLP techniques.

For years, he also assisted 1000’s of people through mastering their mindset to achieve success at promotion panels. (Many of whom are high-ranking Police Officers still serving across the UK today!)

Nicky’s Story

Before meeting Mark, Nicky worked her way through a whole host of professions and passions.

She worked her way up in the Civil Service from a Clerical Assistant all the way to a Senior Executive Officer.

After pausing her career to have her children, she accepted a role that involved working with a new caseload of people who really needed help to overcome self-limiting beliefs. These included confidence issues, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

She continued to move up the ladder “ticking off” promotions like Criminal Investigator, Business Analyst, and finally as Special Projects Manager at the grade of Senior Executive Officer.

Although Nicky enjoyed her career, she became aware of how detached she’d become from the work she loved most:

Working with people and Making THE Difference to them and their lives!

In 2006 Mark met Nicky, and a new chapter unfolded…

Mark And Nicky’s Story

When Mark and Nicky met, they quickly realised they shared a passion for Making THE Difference and helping people fulfil their potential.

Early on, they decided that they wanted to take formal NLP training together and set up a business.

Never doing things by halves, within 9 months, they had qualified as NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and were out in Sydney Australia training as Trainers of NLP and Hypnosis.

That was back in 2009, since then they have:

  • Helped 1,000’s of people across the world achieve their true potential through their Coaching and Training.
  • Delivered training in the USA, Italy, Spain, the UK and hosted the first-ever NLP Master Practitioner Training in Jamaica
  • Qualified at the highest level of NLP as NLP Master Trainers
  • Qualified at the highest level of Hypnosis as Master Trainers of Hypnosis
  • Become the only couple in the world to have qualified to both of these levels together with the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and the American Board of Hypnosis.
  • Become the professional coach’s choice of mentor and trainer
  • Clocked up over a decade of specialist experience and over 30 years of experience in the field of learning and development
  • Further developed NLP by creating  the NLP+® training programmes and have taken coaching to a new level with the creation of their Personal Evolutionary Coaching® Life Coach programmes.
  • Become authors of the Best Selling Mindset book ‘Be More Kid’ and hosts of the popular mindset Podcast ’The EXTRA Club’

Who We’ve Worked With

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the training hours each day?

10am to 4pm. Morning and afternoon break 20 minutes. Lunch break 60 minutes.

What support is available?

There will be a designated Facebook group where you can network with other delegates, ask questions and download course materials.

Do I need any NLP experience to attend?

No, you don’t need any prior experience, just an open mind.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes we will give you a certificate of attendance which can be used for CPD purposes.

Are You Ready To Master Your Mindset?